Financial knowledge finally accessible to all

Syrto® integrates the power of Knowledge Graph, Neural Network and Machine Learning with the knowledge of financial experts, giving life to a unique and innovative product. The goal is to make financial skills accessible to everyone in order to make decisions.

Can I find innovative companies with significant growth trends?

Syrto® maps are able to create a common language between different skills.

Companies can maximize collaboration between different functions.

The software breaks down barriers and simplifies access to economic information.


The Radar of Change

Our hunch is to use radar to orient and decide the best direction in a market that changes as quickly as the open sea.

Track record

We have refined the technology and driven the models with the complete dataset of Italian companies. We implemented the adoption drivers and presented the product at the National Congress of Accountants and Auditors.




The Machine Learning algorithm was developed, the User Experience was designed, and the brand, storytelling and communication tools were updated.

Road-show of the product concept to a test-case group with over 100 prospects, thus defining the markets of interest and interacting with to obtain valuable feedback to guide the feature development strategy.



The company builder Human Interpretation plays a key role in the project, applying advanced Neural Network and Machine Learning technologies to Syrto® to develop high-potential and -value predictive tools.

A team of researchers from 5 European Universities led by the University of Brescia funded by the European Union to carry out the Syrto® (SYstemic Risk TOmography) project, focused on the study of systemic risk in Europe post-financial crises of 2007 and 2010. The project evolves into a spin-off of the University of Brescia, with the aim of continuing to experiment based on the skills acquired.




President – Chief and Scientific Officer

Professor of Banking and Finance at the University of Brescia, previously responsible for the Syrto® research project.


He held positions as Chief of Research and Development and CSO at Altair Engineering Inc. which was listed on NASDAQ in 2017. He has previously been the CEO of Altair Italia for 15 years.

Chief Operations Officer – CMO

Experience as an entrepreneur in his own marketing and communications agency, collaborating with high-level B2B and B2C brands.

Sales & Partnership Director

Degree in Psychology, MBA in Finance from the Catholic University of Milan.
Previous experience in sales and marketing.

The team for a new era

We are the meeting point of heterogeneous professionals, and we believe in the exchange of knowledge as a driving force for the development of a software product. Our flexible and collaborative structure allows us to make the most of skills.
Experience, ability, innovation.




VisioScientiae was founded to leverage the state of the art in artificial intelligence, with extensive experience in NodeJS, Java, Python, PHP and Cloud computing, and it offers high-quality end-to-end solutions.



For over 25 years, it has been creating cutting-edge web and app projects, customized and complete solutions. The experience and expertise in system integration allows Engitel to manage complex integration systems.

Research projects