October 2023

Accountants Congress 2023: technology and innovation at the centre

Syrto is present with a stand at the National Congress of Accountants held in Turin from 18 to 20 September. From the round tables the fact emerges that we find ourselves at a crucial point in the transformation of the category, with the attention increasingly placed on technology and innovation. The President of the order underlines the importance of preparing young people for the profession in an increasingly technological world "We must attract young people capable of embracing technology and innovation, preparing for a digital future".

Knowledge, AI and visual finance are the keywords of our Syrto project!

October 2023

Syrto at the Artificial Intelligence Application Talk

The Artificial Intelligence Application Talk is an event in which concrete AI use cases were presented by the partners of the Polimilano Artificial Intelligence Observatory, with a focus on solutions, problems solved, challenges overcome and benefits obtained. Human interpretation illustrated how through Syrto technology we transform data into the ability to predict the future, offering a solution that brings technology, analysis and skills into play to guide the choices of businesses, professionals and banks.

June 2023

HI + Osservatorio Polimi = innovation in AI!

Human Interpretation has joined the Artificial Intelligence Observatory at Politecnico di Milano. The main goal of the Observatory is to create a community of professionals dedicated to exploring the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence.

The Observatory aims to assess the maturity level of companies in the AI sector, delve into developed projects, identify technological trends, analyze techniques for building practical solutions, explore the consumer perspective, and discuss ethical implications.

This collaboration will further promote innovation and the application of Artificial Intelligence, thanks to knowledge sharing and collaboration with other members of the Observatory.