Risk & Opportunity intelligence made intuitive and visual

With its advanced Machine Learning engine, SYRTOTM predicts the level of risk involved in operating with companies, positioning them in relation to competitors and to the market.

Predicting tomorrow’s results

SYRTOTM generates intelligent predictors based on companies’ historical data. These predictors can be used for:

  • Monitoring the evolution of credit risk in your value chain
  • Measuring the speed of change of companies and their resilience to external events
  • Identifying companies with a forecasted optimal performance
  • Simulating extraordinary operations on single companies

Who we work for


Monitoring credit risk and testing value chain resilience


Lead generation for clients with a desired future performance


Simulation of extraordinary operations on client companies

Making informed choices

Turning data into the ability to predict the future, we offer a solution that brings together advanced technologies, analytical processes and expertise to guide the choices of companies, banks and professionals

Collaborative paradigm

Thanks to the intuitiveness of its visual interface, Syrto brings together the different competences of people in your firm