Predicting and simulating performance and positioning

With the use of cutting-edge Machine Learning technologies is able to synthesized and visually the traditional KPIs through our SYRTO@ Radar, where companies are positioned with respect to their competitors and to the market. The radar can showcase past, present and future performances, allowing for a simple visual interpretation of complex values.



Data is the basis of Machine Learning prediction model, and SYRTO@ uses an extensive dataset of companies’ balance sheet values.

Neural Network

The dataset is processed by a state-of-the-art intelligent neural network, which produces highly significant predictive results.


The neural network results are then reinterpreted from an economic perspective and semantized by SYRTO@‘s predictive tools.


Through its proprietary Machine Learning tools, SYRTO@ predicts the budget values of economic realities with a minimum margin of error.

The Forecast function involves a detailed analysis of the economic and financial characteristics of the target company, relating to its recent history and projecting it into the future.


Using Neural Networks, SYRTO@‘s Radar function generates a predictive map of companies in relation to an event or threshold. The map generated by the software allows the user to identify safety and risk zones, helping the target company to position itself.


In order to make your experience smooth, SYRTO@ comes with a set of predefined Workflows that will accelerate and improve your recurring operations regarding financial assessment. You can then deepen your analysis by searching for specific information.